Legal Services

Patent Attorney

The following are some of the services I provide to you, along with the usual flat-fee pricing.  If you prefer to pay by the hour, I can provide all of my services for an hourly rate of $225 per hour.  An initial telephone consultation is free.

Initial Consultation:

At an initial consultation regarding a possible patent application, you can ask as many questions as you like about patents and the patent application process.  I will want to ask you about issues related to patenting your invention.  These issues include who the inventors are, who owns the invention, whether the invention is something that can be patented, the date of the invention, your activity since the date of the invention, and other issues related to patentability.  I will want to get a description of the invention, what process or technology was used before your invention, and possible different implementations of the invention that you may want to protect with a patent.  I also discuss and answer questions about fees and costs.  I provide legal advice regarding patent law issues at the rate of $225 per hour, but I provide the initial consultation at a flat fee of $200.  The fee is due at the time of the consultation.  

Advising on intellectual property matters:

I can advise you regarding a variety of available methods for protecting your invention, writings, recordings, and other creative work.  Although I focus primarily on patent law, I also advise clients regarding copyright and trademark law.  I provide legal advice on intellectual property matters for $225 per hour, but the initial consultation is a $200 flat fee, which is due at the time of the consultation.  This initial fee can be applied towards other services which you purchase.

Drafting and filing patent applications:

Patent applications are among the most challenging of legal documents for an attorney to prepare.  The flat fee for a patent application is about $4,000 to $7,000.  The actual fee is negotiated and depends on the complexity of the invention, the number of different implementations (i.e., "embodiments") that I will describe in the application, and other factors. 

Prosecuting the patent application:

This includes responding to patent office actions regarding the patent application.  A typical flat fee for responding to a patent office rejection of a patent application is about $2,000, but it can vary.


I can also handle any appeals of the rejection of a patent application.